Educating for Careers

I had the wonderful opportunity to present with our CTE team at the Educating for Careers Conference in Sacramento. We discussed how we grew our wonderful CTE middle school program from 1 CTE course to 5. We now offer courses in Robotics, Coding, Health, Engineering, and may favorite Digital Design. I also had the opportunityContinue reading “Educating for Careers”

Word Art – Digital Design Class/CTE

After looking at professional logo designs that used words to create an image, students chose nouns to turn into literal word art.Students began first with an exploration of thumbnails. They collaborated together to refine, modify and edit their designs. Students took photos of their designs using Photo Booth, imported it into Adobe AI, placed itContinue reading “Word Art – Digital Design Class/CTE”

One Point Perspective Rooms – CTE Graphic Design

One of the very first things we do in our Graphic Design class after becoming familiar with Photoshop and how to import and download images is create a Dream Bedroom. What’s nice about this project is that the students already have a previous understanding of how to create perspective from their beginning art course.  ThisContinue reading “One Point Perspective Rooms – CTE Graphic Design”