Reggie Laurent Inspired Art

Together we explored the work of contemporary artist Reggie Laurent. After looking at his art and using our Avid strategies to take focused notes about the artist as well as the inquiry process to analyze his use of shape and color students created their own painting inspired by the artist. This was a great lessonContinue reading “Reggie Laurent Inspired Art”

Warm/Cool Fish

Last year the sixth graders explored color theory with the cool/warm parrots. This year we tried something new. Students created cool paper with various watercolor techniques. I believe the sedan wrap on wet paper was their favorite. They also created paper with warm colors. When the papers dried, they tore up the cool paper toContinue reading “Warm/Cool Fish”

O’Keefe Inspired Watercolors

EQ: Where do artists gather inspiration I’m not going to lie. Watercolors are deceptively difficult. Over the years I’ve learned I really need to teach watercolors as a whole unit. We begin with the very basics. How to get the colors ready, how to use the palette, how to use the brush, not holding theContinue reading “O’Keefe Inspired Watercolors”