My classes are now 100% online and digital.

Attention all students and parents!
My classes are now 100% online and digital.

Assignments for the week will be posted every Monday.
Every Wednesday there will an art appreciation activity which requires a written response.

Please use the following Google Classroom Codes to access our online instruction.
Google Classroom Codes 
Period 2: r7tfioc
Period 3: yizzxdp
Period 4: ud3gm67
Period 5: tjl5szss
Period 6: il4ip4oj

Google Hangout:
If you want to speak to me in person I am available via Google Hangout Monday – Friday 11am-1pm.


Follow me on instagram @theartsidedowd to stay up to date on assignments, announcements, and notifications. You can also post questions or just say hello. Hope everyone is well!

Published by Welcome to the Art Side - Art with Mrs. Dowd

Navigating my way through middle school while trying to engage and inspire. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade visual art and CTE Digital Design at McFadden Intermediate.

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