In this activity students analyzed logos using Costa’s levels of thinking. Students worked in groups of 4 to analyze the logos, evaluate if the logos were appropriate for their intended audience, and if not how could they be improved. Student’s then presented their posters in small groups, came back and reworked their posters.


This year as we are working on our school wide AVID certification we have been focusing on
The Five Phases of the Focused Note-Taking Process.

We take our notes in our Journals and refer back to them often. We often add to our notes, annotate, we make connections beyond our notes, and reflect on them.

All students benefit as note-taking becomes a powerful and portable learning tool they can carry with them throughout their entire educational experience.

Phase 1. Taking Notes
Phase 2. Processing Notes
Phase 3. Connecting Thinking
Phase 4. Summarizing and Reflecting on learning
Phase 5. Applying Learning

CTE Brand Identity Collaborative Research project and Presentation,

Wow! That’s a mouthful! Just like the heading states, students worked in pairs to research the brand identities of some of the most successful companies out there. They had a worksheet to help guide them through their research. After researching and documenting their findings. Students downloaded a template for Google slide, made a copy and shared the Google Slides with their partners so that both partners could work on the slide show simultaneously.

Students then presented their presentation in small groups or presented to the whole class (extra credit.)

Scratch Board Tiki

In this activity, we focused on the principle of Variety.
First we looked at art that demonstrates good usage of variety. Then the students delved in deeper with a collaborative activity where they worked in small groups to analyze, interpret, judge, and evaluate a piece by a master artist (AVID strategy Costa’s Levels.)

Next students practiced line variety. We learned about hatching, cross hatching, stippling, using line variety (thick and thin.) We then practiced this by my making a value scale using the various line types.

Afterwards we had a gallery walk, discussed the work and wrote a refection. 

Introduction to Ceramics – Fish Fry!

Introduction to Ceramics

After our lecture and Avid Focus notes on Ceramics and the stages of clay students created their own slab templates and tried their hand at some basic slab construction. As of now, we are waiting for our pieces to become Bone Dry. When we return from Thanksgiving break I hope to fire our pieces.

UPDATE! We fired our fish, glazed them and re fired!

Reggie Laurent Inspired Art

Together we explored the work of contemporary artist Reggie Laurent. After looking at his art and using our Avid strategies to take focused notes about the artist as well as the inquiry process to analyze his use of shape and color students created their own painting inspired by the artist. This was a great lesson in pattern and unity as well as learning how to use acrylics and taking care of supplies. Of course we ended the lesson with a gallery walk and a peer review then individual written reflection.

In my Room Project

Students in my CTE/ Design class showed off their skills in Adobe Photoshop. They had to create their own dream rooms. Students had to manipulate images to create a room in 1 point perspective. Then they had to impose themselves in the photo and use a vector mask to blend themselves in. I wish I could showcase them all, however I selected the ones where the faces are obscured for security.